New Psychedelic Sounds From The Grand Undoing

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If you're in search for some relaxing and psychedlic rock & roll, look no further than checking out Seth Goodman's musical project The Grand Undoing.

The Grand Undoing has a distinctive sound - "somewhere between the art pop of David Bowie and the psychedelic inspired punk rock of The Damned," a recent press release described Goodman's quirky work.

Goodman is releasing a follow up to his debut album 'Appeasing the Sick' by dropping 'White Space Flavors come mid-August.

His go-to single off the release, "Parties on TV", is a track almost all can relate to, touching on our artificial culture and distancing ourselves from modern human interactions and experiences.

"It's heady stuff for sure, but the song rocks and lifts the spirits," Goodman admitted about the track.

"I hope they provide a cinematic escape that transports listeners to a place where they're better able to process their emotional lives.

It's an album that pairs as well with a blanc de blancs as it does a Pabst Blue Ribbon," he continued about the full release.

The Grand Undoing's music is definitely something I can get into listening on a regular basis.

After previewing the tracks of the upcoming release, I felt myself slip into a trance of relaxation, but at the same time, focus.

The psychedelic rock sounds reminded me a lot of vinyls I have acquired from my father from the early 80's, definitely something music listeners of all ages can enjoy.

The Grand Undoing's new release 'White Space Flavors' is set to be released on August 14th. Grab your cheapest can of beer or fanciest glass of vino, sit, relax and enjoy.