Is This The New Radiohead Album?

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Thom Yorke took to a Tumblr account he shares with artist Stanley Donwood last night to post pictures of a mysterious white record on a turntable. The record's sleeves remain in the background and are partially obscured.

As expected, the internet is already abuzz with rumors. Shortly after Yorke posted the pictures, they were re-shared by both Radiohead's long-time producer, Nigel Godrich (who also plays in Yorke's Atoms for Peace project) and Radiohead's official account.

Although this could very well just be Yorke finding a new album he's particularly excited about and wants to share with the world, that's not how Radiohead fans - who seem especially susceptible to conspiracy theories - are going to take it.

Remember how there was supposed to be a King of Limbs II? All because Yorke decided to end the band's latest album with the lyric "If you think this is over/then you're wrong?"

Of course, Radiohead are known for their unconventional album-release tactics.

In 2007, they shocked the world with the "pay-what-you-want" model for their seventh studio album, In Rainbows.

Despite allowing their fans to pay absolutely nothing (if they so chose) to have the record, In Rainbows still debuted at #1 on the UK Album Charts and the Billboard 200, exposing the music industry as relatively pointless after their exodus from a major.

Then there was the last one, The King of Limbs, which just kind-of...showed up as a link out of no where: no pre-release hype or anything.

Although interviews would suggest that a new Radiohead album is far from finished, I suppose we should take that with a grain of salt but also remember that 90% of the Radiohead conspiracies prove to be untrue.

But then again, what have they been doing with the PolyFauna app recently?