T.I. Taunts Nick Cannon About his Rap Career on 'Wild 'n Out' (Clips)

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King of the South T.I. and Young Dro were the guests on MTV's Wild 'n Out with Nick Cannon, and even Nick was a little scared to take T.I. on.

As soon as T.I. walked on stage, Nick said "I know you don't take kindly to jokes...we good?" To which T.I. replied "hakuna matata," and Nick then said "I'm still worried."

In the first game, "Got Props," T.I. beat out Nick Cannon by showing up on stage as a king.

But it wasn't until the second game, "Plead the Fifth," that things heated up. In the game, Chico Bean came out to interview T.I. He started his questioning by asking if he could call T.I. Clifford Harris, "the only other [Clifford] I know is the big red dog." T.I. did not look pleased.

Things changed, however, when Chico started another line of questioning with T.I.: "You talked a man down from off of a skyscraper and prevented him from hurting himself."

T.I. responded, "that may be the case."

Then, Chico continued, "so since you like saving things so much, how come you never have done anything to help save my team captain's rap career," pointing to Nick Cannon. Nick put his head down in embarrassment.

After a few seconds, T.I. replied, "what rap career," to a chorus of laughs.

Then, Matt Rife came out and said to T.I. "you got a grind that won't stop, a hustle that won't quit, and an acting career that wishes you would." T.I. glared back at him, and then said "Nick is over there," pointing to Nick Cannon again.

The audience loved it, and Nick asked why everyone was picking on him.

The final game was "Wild Style." Here's Michael Blackson taking on the Platinum Team in "Wild Style:"

You can see the full show on MTV.com. Skip to 6:30 for the best parts.

Photo credit: Concerttour

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