Rock Masters Band Drops Double Single

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What's better than a track release? A double track release of course, and that's exactly what Rock Masters Band is bringing their fans and listeners.

Hailing from Finland, the indie-rock and psychedelic band dropped their dual tracks "Hit The City/Diamonds" last month, and has been basking in the success of the profound release.

Rock Masters Band formed in 2007 under the leadership of frontman Sami "Haxu" Hakala. The singer is known for his pure vocals, and mixed with talented drum, bass and guitar skills, you have something solid and certainly special.

The Rock Masters Band dropped two albums before doing some rearranging of the band in 2014. With some fresh new talent, Haxu was sure to stay true to his original vision of the band and released "Diamonds" and "Hit the City".

The double single release is something I wasn't sure about in the beginning, but reminds me of one of my favorite bands: The Black Keys. This is definitely something to rock out to, whether it be while in a slump at work, or driving on a road trip.

A fan of The Black Keys, Royal Blood and Queens of the Stoneage? Then you are sure to dig the sound of Rock Masters Band.

Listen to their double track release below via Soundcloud, and look for more to come from this rising rock band.