Rihanna's Reaction to A Fan Singing in the Front Row is Priceless

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The Rihanna ANTI Tour is in full effect and the most recent show gave Rihanna a surprise she was not expecting. Her reaction to a fans vocals during "FourFiveSeconds" is absolutely priceless.

Often times artists love to get the fans involved during their shows take Adele's invitation to the two Irish singers for example. Terah Jah has been a choir student for the majority of his life according to TMZ reports.

His Twitter account reveals just how long he has been a Rihanna fan and he explained that he would never forget the moment when she asked him to sing during the "FourFiveSeconds" performance.

In the three video's below you can see Rihanna put the mic in Jah's direction as he completely kills the vocals on the track.

Rihanna pulls the mic back in astonishment and says, "oh sh*t." She allows him to give her another voice before trying to finish the song while containing her amazement.

You can check the reaction out in the video below and for more on Jah, check out Billboard's account of the story.