Howard Stern Talks Casting Couch, Celeb Bad Tippers, And Bar Girls

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On today's Howard Stern show, Howard talked casting couches, bars, and celeb tips with a caller.

Howard Stern Talks Casting Couch

Howard started the show off talking about the casting couch and how it's not real, although Brent insists it is.

JD, however, disagrees and says that he knows for sure that it's fake, and he even has an article that he will send to prove it.

Later in the show, a caller named David wanted to weigh in on the subject. He was confident that the casting couch is real.

When Howard asked what evidence he has, he said that he knows a guy who does it.

The caller says that the guy "has an office," and runs an ad looking for models. When they come in, he said the guy says "I need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement first."

The guy who does it comes into his bar in Vegas.

Howard Stern Talks Bar Hookups with Bartender

The bartender said he gets a lot of women by working at the bar, even though he's not very good looking. Women ask him "what time do you get off," and he meets them in their room at the casino.

At one point, he hooked up with a girl in a Jacuzzi during his work shift and got caught.

Howard then asked the bartender about himself. He's 50 and divorced, but he told Howard he isn't sure whether he has kids.

He hooked up with a woman in a nightclub parking lot, and then 7 months later he ran into her and she was pregnant. He thinks the kid is his.

Howard Stern and the Bartender Talk Celeb Bad Tippers

Howard asked the guy if he ever hooked up with any celebs. He said he hasn't, but he has waited on them. He said the hottest celeb he's ever met was J. Lo. He's also met Britney Spears.

He also served Baba Booey and Sal. He says Baba Booey only tipped him a dollar -- but Baba Booey disputed that.

Still, he said, he's had much worse tippers than them. For example, Gwen Stefani stiffed him once when she ordered Grey Goose and Cranberry. But her drummer did give him a tip.

We'll update this article with a clip when it becomes available.

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