Tyler The Creator's Killer 'What The F*ck Right Now' Freestyle over Kanye's 'Freestyle 4'

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Well we finally find out just how much Tyler The Creator enjoyed Kanye West's "Freestyle 4" track. He recently unleashed a new freestyle titled, "What The F*ck Right Now" and a music video to match featuring ASAP Rocky.

Tyler The Creator really loved Kanye West's "Freestyle 4," so much in fact, he created his own verse and he completely bodies it. This is arguably better than Kanye's track as Tyler The Creator goes on a lyrical onslaught from pointing out hype-beasts that flock towards Vans and Supreme to having ambitions of buying a Ferrari LaFerrari.

Of course there is also the cameo and ad-libs from ASAP Rocky who seems to have sparked up a much closer relationship with Tyler The Creator.

Fans knew that Tyler The Creator was up to something with the "Freestyle 4" track after a clip of a verse over the song surfaced. Thankfully the full version of the track is here for all to marvel at.

The music video looks like total and utter chaos in a studio however, Rocky and Tyler The Creator are really making a big splash as of lately.

This is the definition of a hype track for any party and it's Tyler The Creator at his absolute best. You can check out Tyler The Creators "What The F*ck Right Now" below.

Watch the music video for Tyler The Creators "What The F*ck Right Now" below.