Chilean Singer Suing Disney And More For Frozen's 'Let It Go' Song

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The famous Frozen song 'Let It Go' was a huge worldwide hit when people heard it back in 2013.

Despite the movie being four years old, a Chilean singer by the name of Jaime Ciero has filed a lawsuit to Disney and other parties claiming the song is plagiarizing his work.

As reported by TMZ, Ciero says that the song 'Let It Go' was heavily inspired by his song 'Volar' which was recorded back in 2008.

Even though the lyrics are different, Ciero does note that there are enough similarities in both songs.

Ciero is suing Disney, Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato and other parties involved with the song.

He wants a cut of the profits from Frozen, the music and lots of other benefits. If he manages to win this case, he could be a rich person overnight!

Plagiarism has been an issue in the music industry for a very long time. Some artists are successful in their cases. The most famous one recently was the family of Marvin Gaye suing Robin Thicke over the song 'Blurred Lines'.

Robin Thicke was inspired by Gaye's song 'Got to Give It Up' but he didn't change enough in 'Blurred Lines' in order to make it sound like this own original work. The Gaye family were awarded $7.4 million in damages.

Ciero will probably get a lot more money from Disney if the jury is on his side. Frozen made over $1 billion worldwide at the Box Office and the song 'Let It Go' was a huge hit in the music industry.

You can make up your own mind by listening to Jaime Ciero's 'Volar' in the video posted down below. I'm not a musician, but the only thing I can hear are similarities in the chorus.

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