EDMX Teams Up With Earpeace to Keep Your Ears Safe This Festival Season

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1 in every 5 teens in the US has some sort of hearing loss and the problem is only worsening as concerts get bigger and louder.

EDMX has aken their festival based app to the next level by pairing with molded earplug maker EarPeace proving that they are more than just an app for festival particpation.

In celebration of their partnership, EarPeace and EDMX are giving away 10 free sets of Ear Peace earplugs to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is create a profile with EDMX and you will be entered to win the contest.

For EDMX, This move towards ear health was largely inspired by the founder, Scott Richmond's struggle with the impact of damaged hearing - tinnitus (ear ringing) and hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound). "For myself, one night I walked out of a club, my ears were ringing, and they never stopped from that day forward," says Scott, regarding the unpredictability of the onset of these type of ear conditions.

"I don't want anyone to have to go through that.

Therefore, it's an important part of EDMX's mission to be a platform to educate the EDM fan about taking care of their ears. Teaming up with Ear Peace is a natural extension of that."

Available now, festival goers can purchase the discreet and sleek EarPeace earbuds directly through the EDMX app. EarPeace will improve anyone's festival experience. You will feel better and party longer when you use EarPeace.

Their high fidelity hearing protection turns down the volume without affecting sound quality.

The sound quality is so good you'll be able to have conversations with your friends with the plugs in. Be smart and dance longer and feel better with EarPeace.