Martyn Streams New Track "Love of Pleasure" with Inga Copeland

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Today Martyn is excited to release "Love of Pleasure".

The track finds Martyn partnering with his good friend Copeland (formerly known as Inga Copeland, or one half of art pop duo Hype Williams).

Her fragile vocal cuts through distorted piano riffs and swathes of broken synths. Listen to the track below!

"Love of Pleasure" is the latest single from Martyn's upcoming full-length, 'The Air Between Words', set for release on June 17th.

Martyn will also be releasing a separate 'Forgiveness' EP, on June 3rd. The EP will also feature two brand new tracks from Martyn, as well as his collaboration with Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet "Glassbeadgames."

Stylistically and sonically, Martyn stands apart from his counterparts. His music incorporates vintage references but is steadfastly forward-facing at the same time. He's always done that. His sound is heritage and future simultaneously.