Halsey Heads Jeep's New Campaign

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As if life couldn't get any sweeter for Halsey, she is now partnering for Jeep to head their latest campaign titled, "Release Your Renegade." We all know Halsey has a carved her own path over the years and as she is currently rocking arenas on her hopeless fountain kingdom tour.

Astralwerks Records breakout artist Halsey and three emerging "renegade" artists - Molly Kate Kestner (Atlantic Records), Uri Grey and Chloe Nixon - are featured in a new Jeep brand marketing campaign for the Jeep Renegadethat celebrates the spirit of Renegades on the Rise - women with a quest to find their voices, even if it breaks the mold.

Each artist is showcased in one of four 30-second videos in the "Release Your Renegade" campaign, first speaking of their own personal journeys and what makes them a renegade, and embracing a sense of freedom and expressionism brought to life in the songs and music they each write and perform.

Halsey and her new single "Bad at Love" star in the first spot, which debuts on national television this week.

In the "Release Your Renegade" videos, Halsey releases her inner renegade spirit and new Astralwerks Records single "Bad at Love," while Molly Kate Kestner introduces her new empowering anthem "Compromise." Up-and-coming artist Uri Grey sings "Blend Out" and Chloe Nixon performs "Feel Like Me" in their commercials.

Additionally, in a 60-second behind-the-scenes video launching today (Thursday, October 5) on the official Jeep website and social channels.

"Singing songs in my house meant that my parents would hear me and tell me that I needed to pick something else to do with my time," said Halsey in her behind-the-scenes spot.

"So, being in my car meant total freedom, the ability to make mistakes and maybe make a complete fool out of myself. Because sometimes, those mistakes turn out to be the greatest part of a song."

Keep your eyes for the campaigns which will begin their release on October 5.