Killer Mike Hops On 'About The Money' Remix By T.I. Featuring Young Thug

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Killer Mike is yet another one of Hustle Gang's outstanding members and he takes his shot at "About The Money," by GH general T.I. featuring Young Thug.

The song almost sounds as if it is tailored to Mike as his flow sounds effortless on London On Da Track's production.

Mike lays down lyrics surrounding money, women and the real gangstas.

He raps, "Rip that bitch through her back like a flea-flicker, P***y or the money, tell me what it's gonna be n***a, Bricks or the n****s, tell me what you gonna do fool, Lookin' like you're strugglin', your broke ass crew too."

The remix is just as good if not better than the orginal and you can head over to to listen to the track.