Majid Jordan Will Release "A Place Like This" EP Earlier Than Expected

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Majid Jordan keeps the good news rolling out of OVO announcing that their "A Place Like This" EP will be released tomorrow instead of its original date of July 22nd, according to

With their announcement, "U," one of the tracks from the EP found its way to the web and gives fans a preview of what is expected of this first effort from the group. "U" is a very relaxed song, to the ear it mixes chill music and lyrics and delivery that resembles their label mate The Weeknd.

Not too sure how fans will take to the overall sound as it seems like it is stretching to reach what The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR has already produced.

After OVO's leader Drake hosted the ESPY of his life last night it appears as if the good news from the label will continue to come this week. Listen to "U" over at