Chains of Logic Releases New Album 'Age of Progress'

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Fresh from Houston and to the electronic music scene is Chains of Logic's newest album 'Age of Progress'.

The artist and producer, Jesse Stephens, just recently released his second full length last week and has been receiving much applause for his "electronic music with emotional edge".

Having been producing electronic music for over 20 years under various different names, Stephens new album is unique and different than his previous album.

'Age of Progress' has been described as "music that can not only move you physically, but also mentally".

The sound is a bit harder and similar to the work of Rusko, Datsik and The Future Sound of London, definitely some tunes to get down to! If you're looking for the right beats to get you pumped up, look no further than the new work from Chains of Logic.

For more information non Chains of Logic and the work of Jesse Stephens, be sure to visit, and grab your copy of 'Age of Progress' - available now!