The Weeknd Reacts To Tom Cruise Lip Syncing 'I Can't Feel My Face' With Jimmy Fallon

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The "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" relives one of it's most popular competitions as Tom Cruise joined Fallon for a Lip Sync Battle where Cruise lip-synced The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face," and the R&B star noticed.

(Video Below)

Tom Cruise literally killed it on the show as he opened up his round with "I Can't Feel My Face." He was spot on with the lyrics and the fact that Cruise was singing the song caught the attention of The Weeknd who totally geeked out on Twitter.

"Can't believe @TomCruise is singing my song. @jimmyfallon *** you're the MAN for this one. #tomcruisetomcruise," said The Weeknd on Twitter.

"That sh*t got me hype... lol I can't lie. Tom F**KIN' Cruise."

Funny enough The Weeknd also made a point to shout out Jimmy Kimmel claiming that he was still his boy even though Fallon pulled off a major win with this Lip Sync battle.

You can check out the full lip sync battle below and watch Tom Cruise completely kill it with his choices.

Watch the Jimmy Fallon V.S. Tom Cruise Lip Sync Battle

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