Kid Ink Releases 'Like A Hott Boy' Featuring Young Thug & Bricc Baby Shitro Off 'Full Speed'

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Rapper Kid Ink releases yet another solid track from the upcoming "Full Speed" album with "Like A Hott Boy" featuring Young Thug and Bricc Baby Shitro.

(Audio Below)

Ink has continuously released music off the upcoming "Full Speed" album week after week and the latest offering is one of many braggadocios tracks that can be found on the album.

The song is all about the cars and money which the rappers on this track spend "Like A Hott Boy." The song is an overall homage to Cash Money Records' Hot Boys.

One of the original members includes Lil Wayne who might be the biggest deal of all the Hot Boys.

"By citing Lil Wayne as his first-, second- and third-favorite rapper and basing an entire verse in Rich Gang's 'I Got' off of Wayne's iconic 'Oops, I meant...' lyric structure, Young Thug had already proven himself to be a Weezy devotee long before "Take Kare" dropped," according to

"Now, he's back with another Wayne homage, this time coming in the hook of Kid Ink's new track 'Like A Hott Boyy.'"

The track is sure to be a hit with Ink and Thug fans a like.

Listen to "Like A Hott Boy" Below