Catfish And The Bottlemen's 'Kathleen' Lands At No. 2 On Billboards Emerging Artists Chart

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Hailing from Llandudno, Wales is a band by the name of Catfish and The Bottlemen who simply rock and their three singles "Kathleen," "Cocoon" and "Pacifier" prove that their natural talent will take them very far.

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Catfish and The Bottlemen's hit single "Kathleen" currently sit at number two on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and looks to be creeping up to the number one spot slowly but surely. "Kathleen" is a strong case for a crisp and refreshing alternative sound.

It's a tad bit harder than that of Carolina Liar but sonically appealing to the ears.

"Catfish and the Bottlemen are an indie band so deeply old-fashioned - and unfashionable - you can tell as soon as you see their name what you're going to get," says Paul Lester of The Guardian.

"You don't even need the whole name - somehow the Catfish bit on its own conveys what this Welsh four-piece do, which is indie rock so ordinaire it is crying out for an extra "quintessential".

But we're pretty sure they don't care because they almost flaunt their lack of hipster now-ness or Pitchforkability."

Van McCann (vocals, guitar), Billy Bibby (lead guitar), Benji Blakeway (bass) and Bob Hall (drums) have managed to utilize their talents in ways that should astound anyone who listens to their music. Both "Kathleen," "Pacifier," "Cocoon" and "Fall Out" are accompanied by music videos that seem to represent where the band comes from.

"Pacifier" is one of those videos that does just that as it shows the band playing a rough game of Soccer in what looks to be a rugged inner city setting.

Their album "The Balcony" is already available overseas but it is scheduled for a January 6 release stateside. Those looking to pre-order the album can head over to iTunes.

Check out all of the music videos below.