Is Drake's 'Views From The 6' Release Date Real?

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The hip-hop world is awaiting confirmation from the 6ix God himself, Drake on a recently released video teasing the release date of his upcoming album Views From The 6.

Drake's album is being teased in every way possible but the only thing that really eluded fans was a release date for Views From The 6.

That is until a video surfaced via the Daily Rap Twitter account which featured a January 6, 2016 release date for the Views From The 6 album. The video sparked widespread rumors and HipHopDX even featured the album release date in it's recent "Rap Release Dates" rundown.

What's really puzzling is the video seems to have come out of thin air and no one from Drake's camp has confirmed the release date. This could lead us to believe that the video is in fact fan made or just something to spark a little more buzz, as if it even needed it. Views From The 6 has been among one of the most highly anticipated albums from a hip-hop artist next to Kanye West's Swish.

There is no telling if this new video is a troll or if it is truly the final piece of the album that fans have been waiting for. We speculated that January 1, 2016 would be the date but January 6 does seem to make credible sense.

That being said, the date is to be taken lightly until it is confirmed by someone from the OVO camp.