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Are you a fan of indie and acoustic songwriting, similar to the soothing sounds of Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer or Jason Mraz? Look no further than listening to a newcomer on the scene from Salt Lake City, Richard Tyler Epperson.

His album 'Hourglass' will be released on April 8th, and is already bound to turn to the liking of indie music lovers.

Epperson, a 29 year old musician and multi-instrumentalist, started dipping his feet in music during his pre-teen years by learning to play the bass guitar.

A few years later, Epperson taught himself to play the piano.

It was only a matter of time before the young musician decided to get working on writing music and lyrics of his own, songwriting and creating his own style of music.

The multi-talented artist released his debut album 'Falling Between the Stars' in 2013, and went on to perform and tour multiple shows around Utah and on local radio stations.

'Hourglass', set to be released this April, is Epperson's second album and is sure to grab fans' attention from the first listen.

"Listening back to the songs, I started to realize a lot of them had lines or hidden messages about how fast time goes by and about trying to find happiness in the short time we have. Those thoughts inspired the song Hourglass and the name seemed to be fitting for me at this point in my life.

Time goes by so fast and we all get caught up in daily life stresses that take us away from our dreams and the things we care about.

The more I grow up and the older I get, the more potent that thought gets.

If you stop to think about it, the hourglass is always running and it?s important to make sure you?re living life the way you want to be living it." says Richard.

Once I began listening to the tracks, I suddently slipped into nostalgia of my early college years, spending my days in the library writing while listening to Death Cab for Cutie and John Mayer. The soft indie sounds are soothing and relaxing, and the lyrics are relatable to young music lovers.

The album is easy listening and perfect for those times when looking to chill out, spend time with a significant other or simply just take time to yourself and breathe.

I highly recommend the album to any of those fans of mid-2000's indie artists, you will not be disappointed by the work of Epperson.

To take a listen to the work of Epperson, visit his Soundcloud page at, and there you are able to stream the entire 'Hourglass' album before its debut release on April 8th.

For more information and news on more releases and performance dates from Richard Tyler Epperson, visit