Fan-Filmed Footage of Unreleased Kendrick Lamar/Flying Lotus Collaboration Surfaces

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Earlier this year, Kendrick Lamar appeared on Flying Lotus' "Never Catch Me" from You're Dead!, but that wasn't the extent of the their collaboration.

??In an interview with Pitchfork, Steven Ellison (AKA Flying Lotus) revealed that another song was recorded, although it was ultimately cut from You're Dead! for "political reasons:"

??"There's actually another track that he did on this album that I had to take off for political reasons, but it was a really cool thing. He came to the house and laid it down and killed it. He didn't come with no entourage or nothing.

It was real special to me. I appreciate that space when I can sit with the artist and really see how their genius works, and Kendrick is that guy.

He's a visionary thinker. Every time he raps on a song, he raps like I wish I could."??

Whatever those reasons are, they haven't stopped Ellison from playing the song - apparently titled "Eyes Above" - in his live show and now it appears that fan-filmed footage of the track has surfaced. Watch below.


??In related news, we still have no idea when the new Kendrick Lamar album will be released. It's also unclear as to whether or not his recent single, "I," will be included on said album.