Tory Lanez Fans Trash Midland Texas Venue

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Well if there is one thing that can be learned from this it's that you don't mess with Tory Lanez fans.

Fans of Lanez trashed a Midland, TX venue after Lanez's show was shut down for reasons that are still unclear.

"The 'Say It' singer performed with K Camp in Midland, TX on Saturday night and while onstage, fans say Lanez told everyone ...

'Let's f*** this place up!' You can tell from this video he's pissed about something. Lanez says, 'B**ch ass security,'" reported TMZ.

Lanez has not commented about the "riot" via social media so it's possible that the situation has already been resolved.

It would be nice to know what incited all of the madness and why Lanez was so upset with the security guards.

Lanez didn't want to stop the show as he continued to play on even when security approached him on stage. Lanez has recently revealed new information on his upcoming debut album, which he says ASAP Ferg will be featured on, during and interview with HotNewHipHop at SXSW.

He recently had his mind blown by the human serviette, Nardwuar during one of the famous interviews from SXSW. This mishap in Texas probably won't be stopping Lanez from continuing what looks to be a very promising career.