Three Songs Leaked Off J. Cole's '2014 Forest Hills Drive' Album: Releases Next Week

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It is less than one week from the official release of J. Cole's "2014 Forest Hills Drive" album and three new leaks have surfaced on the internet. Cole sent a tweet out yesterday that suggests he may have known about it.

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The tweet above came from Cole himself and it may lead fans to think that album sales isn't where his head is at.

Either way, the songs that were originally leaked on have now been removed due to DMCA Fair Use Rights.

The site acted very rapidly in removing the leaked tracks giving fans little time to get a big enough preview of what's to come.

Of the three that were leaked were "A Tale Of Two Citiez" and "Wet Dreams" along with another leak "January 28th." Whether or not Cole really knew about the leak is still unknown however, the record label was quick to jump on any leaks of the album before more damage could be done.

The album is scheduled to be released on December 9 and Cole released the official tracklisting yesterday VIA Twitter. The 13-track album is said to be some of Cole's best work yet.

With Cole's simple message of valuing love over money, it is clear to see where his artistic mind-set may have been while creating this album.

He also plans on restoring his old house on 2014 Forest Hills Drive and offering it for as little money for a family who is struggling.

The family will be able to rent the house for two years until they can get back on their feet at which point, a new family will take over the residence.

Track Listing Below