Little Mix's New Single 'Black Magic': A Potion for Love

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The Ladies of Little Mix have released their new single 'Black Magic' and it's a spellbinding tune.

After their sophomore tour 'Salute' failed in ticket sales in America, the British girl group went back to the drawing board.

What they've come up with is the song 'Black Magic.' The song was supposed to be released next Thursday but due to an internet leak the girls decided to make it available ahead of schedule.

The song doesn't bother with an intro just jumping straight into the girls singing in time with a fast drum beat.

It's okay but then it hits the chorus and you're like "oh, oh yea, this is catchy." You'll be singing along to it by the time the end of the song and playing it back just to rock out to the chorus again.

That recipe of black magic is more than the hook but the recipe they used to produce the enchanting song.

The girls had made an earlier statement that their new album would be heavily influenced by the 80's. "Black Magic" definitely has the 80's feel to it, mostly in the structure of the guitar chords and the splash of really loud drum beats.

Their last album was focused on the girl groups of the 90s sound, influenced by the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child.

If past music videos are anything to go by, the music video for "Black Magic" is sure to be entertaining. Surely full of dance moves, potion brewing, and four foxy witches.

The video was already shot in America earlier this year and could be ready to drop anytime now.