Look Out For R&B Singer Eric Bellinger

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I heard about Eric Bellinger about nine months ago when looking for new music. I saw his name everywhere but reluctantly never listened to any of his music.

Maybe I was doing myself a disservice. The buzz about him kept getting louder and I was telling myself that I had to hear him. I still held back.

Eric Bellinger will be an R&B force to recon with.

One day I told myself there couldn't be any running so went to my most trusted music source, Youtube. When there, I typed slow because I was worried about what I would find. The first video I found was "ASAP". Eric had a strong look.

He was an R&B singer that was not scared of being masculine. He gave of a hip hop vibe to him.

The video began with him and a love interest sharing space and then "exploring" one another. That love interest turned to many others.

I like Eric's vision. He looks like a seasoned vet, he probably was. I had to find out more. I hopped to the other video which was a song called "Take It Off". The guitar filled song started very upbeat and energetic.

Him and his sexy subject interact in a highly manner. Very sexy but still tasteful, I was impressed by what he was offering and it was believable. The song with artist Problem had me dancing around for a few notes.

The familiar Kriss Kross sample mixed with Eric's high but manly voice gave the beat a kick and put the beat in check.

He definitely broke the mold for this one. With songs like this he can quite possibly be the void that R&B needs.

Eric Bellinger has sampled Kriss Kross, and it is awesome.

Songs with Problem, Rico Love and Wiz Khalifa show that he's ready for the industry. He has a strong online presence and really cool visuals. He is a risk taker and that is a good thing when done correctly.

I see Eric being at the top of the charts soon. He gives the listener everything.

He could be who the fellas want to be and who the ladies want to be with. Eric Bellinger, keep up the good work, for the world is watching.