Musicians Band Together to Help Homeless

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In his younger years, AJ Lovewins, Founder of Harmonic Humanity experienced the devastation of homelessness. That experience that spanned 2 years, was the catalyst for starting an outreach organization that uses music to improve the lives of the homeless.

Lovewins was one of the fortunate ones.

He got help and transformed his life with the help of his best friend Joseph Jacques.

The two then formed Harmonic Humanity, a nonprofit organization that unites with musicians to produce CDs that homeless people can sell on the streets to help transform their lives.

Harmonic Humanity partners with Street Newspapers to get the CDs to the homeless to sell. These distributors around the country have been selling newspapers to the homeless that they can then sell on the streets and profit from.

"Our model gives the homeless a way to sell a more universal product and make an even greater profit. It's a win-win-win. The Street Newspapers get greater visibility, and conscious musicians share their inspirational lyrics through our CDs," said Lovewins.

Grammy Award Winner Jason Mraz says, "I support Harmonic Humanity.

To date, this organization has raised more than $100,000 for the homeless through the power of music," Maroon 5, Michael Franti & Spearhead and SOJA are also supporting Harmonic Humanity with merchandise giveaways and other social media outreach.

Harmonic Humanity launches its first-ever crowd-funding campaign on July 11, 2014 to raise funds to produce its third CD and to launch the program in five major U.S. cities.

"This project has outstanding potential and has been tested to work in Seattle and San Francisco," Mraz continued.

"Lovewins says, The homeless problem can affect any of us from teens to baby boomers to families to you and me. We are all at risk-a lot of us are living just one paycheck away from becoming homeless,"

Harmonic Humanity's Indiegogo campaign and Facebook page will share interviews with celebrities and personal stories from the homeless including their "I Dream" series which gives the homeless their own voice to share their hope with the world.

Through social media and thoughtful content, Harmonic Humanity aims to reach millions of Americans who can contribute to the social problem that plagues our country.

About Harmonic Humanity
Harmonic Humanity builds an active community and a social structure to provide education, counseling and employment for the homeless by leveraging the power of music.

The nonprofit organization was founded 10 years ago by AJ Lovewins, a community activist and social artist, who, himself, experienced the devastation of homelessness in his younger years.

Through a self-expression and leadership course designed to help emerging leaders bring their visions to life, Lovewins used the music program he had created at a soup kitchen for the homeless in Seattle, Washington to develop a larger program to empower the homeless.

Today, Harmonic Humanity produces compilation CDs of uplifting music from compassionate musicians. They partner with nonprofit Street Newspaper organizations that distribute newspapers to the homeless to sell and now the CD's.

Currently, for two dollars, the homeless can purchase Harmonic Humanity CD's from the Street Newspapers and sell them for even greater profit, enjoying uplifting music while doing so.