N Wolex's Current Twist on Classical Music

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Fashion model turned musician - Nicholas Wolex is an African native based out of South-East London who taught himself to compose his own music.

Now, he is creating a current classical masterpiece, kind of an oxymoron, but for Wolex, it works and he does it well!

It isn't often that you find such young and talented artists looking to get into composing their own music or wanting to step foot into the classical music genre. Nowadays, it's all about the rock & roll or electronic music, feinding to create what all the young folks want to listen to.

There is still a liking, though, for classical music. That's where N Wolex's work comes in.

N Wolex takes classical music for a spin by adding his mix of R&B styles, along with pop. The composer also brings in vocalists to his songs.

The talented young artist is releasing his 7" inch "If You Had" / "No Regrets" in late-July, but to prepare for the upcoming release, Wolex will be performing many shows around the London area.

"An Evening With N Wolex" will engage the audiences of his performances to "personally scored music sheets that accompany the delicate performances, harking back to the time of live classical music".

Be sure to check out N Wolex's current classical work below, and download your copy of his upcoming release come July 28th.