Fire and the Romance Release Music Video for New Single "Way Down Below"

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Fire and the Romance are an alternative pop group falling between Atlas Genius, The Postal Service and Awolnation, and rising from New York City and Los Angeles.

The group just recently released a music video for their new single "Way Down Below", which can be viewed exclusively here!

Fire and the Romance is a brand new band founded by Dion Roy, a singer and songwriter who had previously toured around both America and Europe with his own solo work. Founded on the principle of creating a sound that is unique, the band formed together to collaborate ideas and each of their own experiences in the music industry.

Members of the band depend on the city of performance.

When in New York City, Roy, on vocals, guitar, and songwriting, is accompanied by Leo Fraire on drums, Jamie Pitrelli on bass and Peter Roessler on guitar.

When in Los Angeles, the artist is joined by Jenn Stone on keys, Topher Mohr on guitar and Tom Breyfogle on drums.

Roy has a load of upcoming plans for 2014 in regards to his new creation of Fire and the Romance. After collaborating and creating music together, 'Adaptations', an EP mixed with "sparse, bass heavy pop production with arena-ready alt-rock anthems", will be released this spring.

Until then, Fire and the Romance will be performing and touring, getting their music out there to fans and listeners.

"It's been an incredible experience developing this project with my band," Roy explained of his work of creativity.

"The process was both fun and intriguing. The "Adaptations" EP was an experiment in sound that really turned into something special for all of us, and I love what we found."

Fire and the Romance falls perfectly into the alternative and indie rock and pop genre that is continuously rising to the top of the charts in music.

As a huge fan of Atlas Genius and The Postal Service, I could definitely see how easily it will be for other fans of these talented bands to take a liking, or moreso love, to Fire and the Romance and the work they are planning to put out in the future.

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