Scion AV Gives Fans 'Hydrocodone: Poker Face' By Kembe X Off Upcoming Collaborative EP

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Scion AV is continuing to ride the wave alongside Kembe X in preparation for the upcoming collaborative EP and just one week before the official release the two bring us "Poker Face."

"Scion AV's upcoming collaborative EP with Kembe X is due out next week on August 19th," said, "but before we get the final outcome, Scion decided to give fans another taste of whats to come."

Last week we saw a track with two hot features, Alex Wiley and TDE's Ab-Soul. The two joined Kembe X for "As I Unfold," which got fans excited for the project which features out of this world beats to be complimented by druggie references and even more mind-twisting lyrics.

Kembe X shines all on his own on this track and it continues to slowly solidify his credibility as a solid MC.

Check out "Hydrocodone: Poker Face," at