Abigail Breslin Joins Stargroves On Stage; Band Releases Two New Songs

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Stargroves celebrated its self-titled, album at Rockwood Music Hall with a post-release concert where they performed all 11 songs on the album, plus two brand new songs: "Little Islands" and "Mechanically Round."

Academy Award nominee and singer Abigail Breslin joined the band midway through the performance, adding her voice to "Westfjords" and "Within Me a Lunatic Sings," songs in which she is also featured on Stargroves new album.

The album's inception came when lead singer and primary songwriter Teddy Watson retreated to Iceland for three months to write new music.

Upon returning to the states, he formed the group that would become Stargroves and they started experimenting with sounds.

The album is built on a full rhythm section that includes Teddy Watson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo), Charlie Rauh (lead guitar, supporting vocals), Bryan Percivall (bass guitar, supporting vocals), Brad Whiteley (keyboard, synthesizer), and Max Maples (drums).

The group has been steadily gaining recognition from music critics, bloggers and others prior to the album's release.

Matthew Coleman of The Music Court Blog, described Teddy Watson's voice as: "smooth, lullaby-esque, and pleasant to listen to." Here's what other are saying about Stargroves:

"Very modern Postal Service infused with a slice of Taylor Swift-esque guitar riffs... we are LOVING the complimenting tones of both Teddy and Abigail's voices. Impressive first effort, you hot young thangs!" -- Perez Hilton

"Within Me a Lunatic Sings" plays like a Pinterest board of '00s indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Ros, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group's sound, revealing themselves as the track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section."
-- David Greenwald, MTV Buzzworthy

"This is not just pop music; this is pop music that craves for you to listen, to suck it up, to become the music" -- Audio Fuzz