M.I.A. Releases 'Boom ADD' Addressing the NFL Suit

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After releasing the controversial "Borders" track last year, M.I.A. is dipping her feet back into the controversial waters with "Boom ADD," a song directed towards the NFL suit she was hit with two years ago.

In 2014 M.I.A. was sued by the NFL for $16.6 million after putting her middle finger up and exclaiming "I don't give a sh*t" at Super Bowl XLVI. She did briefly address the incident in "Borders" but it has carried over into the new song "Boom ADD," which features M.I.A.'s attorney going through the lawsuit in detail in the intro.

As the track kicks off M.I.A. sings, "Brown girl, brown girl, turn your sh*t down, you know America don't wanna hear your sound, boom boom, jungle music, go back to India," further escalating the issue as a racial divide rather than the fact that she actually showed her middle finger. On "Boom ADD" nothing is safe as M.I.A. even notes the attacks in Paris. She clearly is not afraid of any backlash when it comes to her music which seems like a direct message towards America as a whole. You can listen to "Boom ADD" below and let us know what you think about the song in the comments section.

"Boom ADD" by M.I.A.