Popkissed To Release “It’s A Fine Day”

In early December, Norwegian classical-electronic duo, Popkissed, will release their album "It's A Fine Day". The talented duet is made up of Lill-Ann Blauenfeldt and Robert Solheim.

The two come together to produce a unique and eclectic electronic sound in their music, composed of a mix between electronica, electropop, technopop, retrowave and house genres.

Rising from Oslo, Norway, the duo has come together through mutual friends to record and release their debut album "It's A Fine Day". Both Blauenfeldt and Solheim have succeeded individually in their solo careers, and are bound to bring the same success to Popkissed. Lill-Ann has provided her amazing vocals for a numerous amount of different projects.

She now supplies the vocals for the collaborative project with Robert, Popkissed. Robert is a producer who also has worked on other collaborative projects in the past.

He has also released solo downtempo and ambient-techno material under the name Current, for the Norwegian label Origo Sound. Robert began to release his musical material under his own label, Currentmusik, in 2005.

Together, Popkissed has a variety of musical influences including Annie Lennox, Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones and Patti Smith. Lill-Ann and Robert spent one day in the studio together and developed new music.

The majority of their album "It's A Fine Day" was produced in only a week, with over 25 song tracks to choose from, and is set to be released on December 1st.

The album will be released on both CD and vinyl, with an extra song included on the CD release.

If you are a fan of exploring new music and listening to experimental electronic tunes, you are sure to love "It's A Fine Day" by Popkissed. Be sure to stay up to date with the unique classical-electronic duo by visiting their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Popkissed/264616310279270.

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