Riff Raff And Action Bronson Bring Fans 'Rookies Of The Future,' On Skee Radio, 'Blue Jay' Track Coming?

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Riff Raff was seen with his date Katy Perry at the MTV Video Music Awards Last week and also released two remixes of her songs, this week he brings fans "Rookie of The Future," featuring Action Bronson.

The production on the track is classic hip-hop and stylish as Alchemist shows why he is one of the best to ever do it in terms of production.

Riff Raff gives his fans a standard verse and hook while Bronson shines on the track as he tends to do a lot lately.

"He's also announced another Alchemist-helmed record coming soon," says HotNewHipHop.com, "which he claims will feature guest appearances from Drake, Justin Bieber, and Bronson once again.

This hypothetical track is said to be called "Blue Jays", which makes sense considering Drizzy and Biebs' Canadian roots."

Raff has already requested detailed artwork for the "Blue Jay" track.

He wants a maple leaf with a Blue Jay cut out of the middle of it. It must be a big deal if he wants to get this detailed about his artwork.

Head over to HNHH.com to listen to "Rookies of The Future."