The Speedbumps Release The Harbors We Seek

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The Americana indie-folk band from Kent, Ohio, The Speedbumps, recently held a special album release show at the Kent Stage, and Empty Lighthouse had the opportunity to attend and get to know more about the easy-listening band on the rise.

The Harbors We Seek is the band's third studio album, and was released last week on November 29th.

The band's sound features acoustic guitar, cello, drums and upright bass.

The band shares similar sounds with big names in the industy including Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

The Speedbumps have had the opportunity to perform and share stages at festivals around the country including Midpoint Music Fest and The Kent State Folk Fest along side Matt Nathonson, Amos Lee and Andrew Bird.

The Speedbumps recorded The Harbors We Seek while spending six days in a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania. The album was produced by Jay Alton and mastered by Brian Lucey, who also assisted in the production of works by the Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, Dr. Dog and The Shins.

"What the band lost in the isolation of a studio, it gained in the warmth and natural sound of the cabin where they recorded the album", a recent press release supporting the album explained.

The album itself has a very outdoorsy and woodsy feel, making it perfect for autumn listening. Some tracks on the album even feature bird chirps and dog barks, among many other natural sounds.

When asking the founding member and lead singer of The Speedbumps where he draws inspiration for the band's work, he responded with an unlikely answer: his anxiety.

"I have just enough anxiety that when bad stuff happens, it just means more to me", he stated. "Writing songs is simply how I deal with it." Erik considers his condition the blessing and the curse of his creativity.

For fans of easylistening and indie-rock / folk music, visit The Speedbumps' website,, where you can get up-to-date information and news on tour dates and releases from the band.