Pixies Return With First New Album Since 1991

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Pioneers of the alternative music revolution of the early 1990's, The Pixies mastered the loud - quiet - loud format while Nirvana was still just a notion in Kurt Cobain's mind.

Hailing from Boston, MA, the band were influential in the burgeoning "college rock" scene playing schools and universities while honing their raw, early sound.

After a whirlwind four year, four classic album streak, leader Black Francis and bassist Kim Deal began falling out over Kim's side-project The Breeders and Francis' own solo plans. 1991's "Trompe Le Monde" would be their final album together.

The timing couldn't have been worse. College rock, alternative rock and grunge were about to hit their apex of worldwide popularity, something that The Pixies surely would have benefited from being more attached to.

In fact, the original band would wait until 2004 to finally hit the stage together again. Several successful tours came and went with only one new song released.

The 2006 documentary "Loud Quiet Loud" gave us a glimpse of the complicated psychology at play behind the scenes with The Pixies.

It would take another NINE years until they finally began releasing new EP's filled with new songs that will ultimately be released at the end of April as their fifth official album "Indie Cindy."

In the meantime, Kim Deal once again couldn't handle inter-band drama and quit last year.

Strangely, the guys hired another bass playing Kim, Kim Shattuck, and then fired her at the end of last year. Bassist Paz Lechantin (ex Zwan) has been their touring bassist ever since.

Mixed and often disastrous reviews of the new material as well as the personal turmoil and band member firings make the appearance of "Indie Cindy" feel like another example of terrible timing by The Pixies.

While I have heard and was underwhelmed by most of the new material, I will wait to give my actual review of the album until it is released on April 29th via their own music imprint Pixies music.