Tranzduer Releases 'Play Onwards' EP

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Last week, the EDM and progressive artist, Anthony Alongi, also known as Tranzducer, released his latest EP 'Play Onwards'. To promote the release of his new music, the electronic artist Tranzducer, which literally translates to "to convert energy", released his first track off the album, titled "Blaze of Glory".

The track has been critiqued as "a production of progressive proportions, merging spacey siren synth, and laser-like 90's Sega sounds beams into a groovy galazy".

The dub-trance and spacey single is a go-to on the album, along with "Mayflowers" and "Play Onwards".

The 'Play Onwards' record "aches and buzzes like a midnight thunder storm". While listening to the music, you are put into somewhat of a trance, with pulsating, flashing beats and vibes all around you.

For some tracks, like stated before, you feel like you are dropped into a 90's video game, with the synthetic sounds and beeps of laser beams and galaxy quests.

You can't feel satisfied until you finish the song, and move onto the next one - just like levels in an old-school video game.

If you an avid listener to electronic music and are open to listening to some more experimental and dubby tracks, be sure to take a peek into the world of Tranzducer.

Be sure to download Tranzducer's latest EP 'Play Onwards', released on December 10th - and to visit SoundCloud for added tracks.