Trust to Release 'Joyride' LP

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TRUST is the musical project of Toronto artist and musician Robert Alfonso.

TRUST's sophomore album 'Joyland' is set to be released in early March on the label Arts & Crafts, right before he is scheduled to play at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

His new release 'Joyland' is being described as a "synth goth masterpiece" and "the best of synth-Goth's both worlds" by Pitchfork Media. The release will represent a new direction in his music, with eruptions of light after the darkness.

TRUST has spent the past few years touring both nationally and internationally, as well as gaining the fans of critics including Pitchfork, VICE, Stereogum, The Guardian - among many others. The Guardian recently described the work as "a mix of Depeche-Mode-esque synth riffs mixed with Alfonso's murky baritone".

If you are looking to start out 2014 by getting in touch with your inner music junkie, be sure to check out this experimental artist, and look out for 'Joyland', set to be released on March 4th by Arts & Crafts.