Attik Door Drops New Full-Length Album, 'Never in Agreement'

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San Francisco - listen up! Attik Door, an alternative rock band from the Bay Area, has just dropped their new full-length album Never in Agreement. The band is unique and distinguishes themselves with "attitude-infused vocals and groove-oriented songwriting".

With the talents of vocalist Liana Tovmasyan and guitarist Alex Shrayber, there's no doubt this album is going to rise to the top, and you will definitely be hearing it at music festivals around San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Sounding much like old school Gwen Stefani (we're talking 90's No Doubt, not the currently pop Gwen) and Flyleaf, Attik Door kick started their career in early 2011, when they decided to create a unique and different alternative rock feel for their band. All members from the band are from various areas of the former USSR and have locked some of that culture they know so well in their music with the blend of current musical trends.

With inspiration from System of a Down to Sade to Black Eyed Peas, the sound is unlike anything else you've heard.

Crank up the volume and jam to this with the windows down - Attik Door's work deserves to be blasted on high.

Grab Attik Door's debut album, Never in Agreement, which just dropped this weekend.