The Echo Friendly Debuts First Single "Panic" and Announces January Residency

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The Echo Friendly, a duo and on again, off again couple from Brooklyn, recently premiered their first single "Panic" off their soon-to-be-released LP.

The duo, consisting of Shannon Esper and Jake Rabinbach, have had their material featured on the hit HBO show 'Girls', and has received a ton of praise from big-time music publications and blogs, including Noisey.

As stated by Noisey of their upcoming album release, 'the breezy goodness here is delivered via the song's primary hook: a guitar line that speaks of carefree days and sun-filtered movie montages.

The lyrics tell another story -- they're spiked with anxiety about the best days being behind them, opportunity lost in the slipstream."

Also come January, the duo will begin performing at their new residency in Brooklyn, Coco 66. Here, they will showcase tracks from their upcoming LP. The duo will perform at the venue on January 11th, 18th and 25th. More details about the release are soon to come in early 2014, so be sure to stay tuned!

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