The Target: Nicki Minaj

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There have been so many songs that have come out for the past year that have fell back into the mold upon being released. There has been the typical "trap" song, the twerk records and all the other songs made popular by vines.

But nothing groundbreaking and to be honest, I don't think there ever will be something to impress us in a long time.

The other day I scoured the internet landing upon one of my favourite sites. It had a new video from Young Money superstar Nicki Minaj. Im usually not the one to click for anything Nicki and this day it wasn't any different. So I continued on with my day. But this was etched in my brain. I went to check my Facebook for the millionth time. I checked my twitter(even though I told myself I was fasting from the site). Then I told myself I would go look but I had to see my Facebook one more time, it exploded. Every status was about this new Nicki song. I guess I could go watch the video now. So I sat back in my chair with no expectations, find the video and I click.
The video begins with a scantily clad Nicki. The same but different in a lot of ways. It wasn't her wearing a million colours. It wasn't her with her face full of make up, it was daring but it was still simple. The lyrics took a while to begin but they were still sharp. This was all different for me. This wasn't the typical Nicki that I once I ran from.

She was "spittin" as the b-boys say. It wasn't about Maybachs and Lambos. This was hip hop.
The video went by with Nicki holding semi automatic weapons. I was impressed. The hater in me didn't want to admit it but I did. I actually rated the video a 10 for the visual and the song.
The next day all the controversy starts. I see that Dj Clark Kent is quite upset because of the cover art that was chosen. Which was one of civil rights great Malcolm X by the window.

I looked at it and told myself, its not that bad. But when Hip hop royalty like Clark Kent says its wrong and gives an awesome explanation you don't ever argue. So, I didn't.
Then came the responses. Trey Songz released his rebuttal but it was watered down and expected from him.

I was disappointed. It hurts to say that.

And then there was Cassidy's response which was amazing from start to end, almost made me forget about Nicki's song. But through all of this it made me ask myself. Whats the big deal? Take a look for yourself.

Trey Songz response:
Cassidy response: