Rachel Maddow Talks Donald Trump, Depression, Roger Ailes on The Howard Stern Show

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This morning, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow appeared on The Howard Stern Show. There were some great tidbits on the show. Here are the most interesting exchanges:

Howard Stern and Rachel Maddow On Donald Trump

On the Trump story:

There's so much to it. It's such a it such a big story. It's not speculation, it's not a conspiracy theory -- there are multiple ongoing investigations of the sitting president and his campaign for really dire stuff and all. I try to do is explain to people and let them know the status of what's going on and what's new and what's important about it.

Back and forth on Trump as a guest:


That was Trump...before all this presidential nonsense happened, this guy would come on and he was a famous billionaire. He had to the television "Apprentice" and he would say the craziest stuff. He was the greatest guest of all time, and really the personal who's hurt most in this country is me.


He was his most full self while being on with you.


Like he would come on and say: "Howard I don't know why they talk about Hollywood actresses being nines and tens...they're really sixes, and that you could go to a restaurant and see a waitress and they're tens. You put those tens in those rooms with a Hollywood actress and they will leave because they're sixes...


He actually had a fight with a guy on our airwaves -- they were both dating the same woman.


People say the beef with him is he doesn't think things through. He's impulsive. He's Mr. sentence fragment...I felt like with you, there would be stuff that he would talk about that he had mulled on.....it was stuff that he been thinking about for long time and he wanted to put this to you.

Howard Stern and Rachel Maddow on Impeachment

The bottom line answer is very hard to give because the criminal investigation -- the counterintelligence investigation -- is proceeding so fast, I have no idea where it's going. Now if this Robert Muller thing, the special counsel, if that's the most important investigation, if that's going to be essentially how we get to the bottom of the Russia story and figure out what really happen...The consequences of what he's doing are kind of hard to see because ...anybody up to and including the vice president and get indicted and prosecuted and jailed for a crime like that.

Rachel Maddow On Her Show

On whether it's scripted:

Everything on the show is written, other than my interactions with guests... What I work at all day is knowing the information so well in working with the reporting and the fact checking and the producing and the scripts so hard and so diligently that by the time I'm on the air, I know the stuff inside and out.

Rachel Maddow On Roger Ailes

He was gracious about it, and constructive and gave me some interesting stuff to think about...It's funny -- the sexual harassment allegations against him were obviously..that was serious stuff. ...I just want to say like I didn't know about any of that...I don't want to undermine the seriousness of that stuff, and I never talked to him about it. But before all of that was known he was generous to me.

Rachel Maddow On Depression

Rachel Maddow also talked about her depression on the show.

She doesn't take meds, but she says she gets very depressed sometimes, and her wife helps her control it. She has never considered committing suicide, however, because she has a good life.

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