Brooklyn Songwriter, Darrin James, Releases New Single "Bombs Away"

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Music adventurer from Brooklyn, Darrin James, has recently released his new Fela Kuti Afrobeat single "Bombs Away".

The groove is just the first in a serious of singles James plans to release on his Ravine Records label, and "calls out our government for projecting power through violence around the world".

Along with the single, James also dropped an instrumental soundtrack to an airstrike, titled "Covert Mission Anthem", which has a Top Gun theme mixed with components taken from the work of Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis.

Darrin James, who has hopped around the country from Kentucky, to Detroit, to New York City and back to Michigan, has been producing, singing and songwriting for years, drawing his inspiration from his love for bluse and folk music of the south, Motown soul and classic rock.

Having developed lyrical tunes that have been compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, James plans on releasing a vinyl this year, recorded in his new studio and with musical greats from Brooklyn and Ann Arbor.

In the coming months, look for more to come from this musical and lyrical genius, for Darrin James will continue to release the soulful and honest music he is known for.