Yelawolf Releases His 'Johnny Cash' Music Video

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Following the release of his album "Love Story" Yelawolf returns with the music video to one of the featured tracks titled, "Johnny Cash."

(Video Below)

Staying true to "Johnny Cash," the music video is shot in black and white with black being the primary color. "Love Story" was arguably some of the best work Yelawolf has done in his entire career.

It's truly an experimental album where he explores his roots and what it was like growing up in a slum.

"Hold me under but I will not drown, all I really know how to do is survive. Next time i come to your f**kin town, i'll be the headline," raps Yelawolf in the track.

He continues to reference what it's like when it's lights, camera and action time.

As Yelawolf continues to ride the success of "Love Story," you can expect him to continue to get better as an artist and big things to come.

It's also to note that Yelawolf himself is a big fan of black and white as you can tell from his Instagram page. Check out the music video below.

Watch the "Johnny Cash" Music Video below.