Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' Continues His EDM Entrance

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It looks like "Where Are U Now" isn't Justin Bieber's only bid into the EDM scene as his new single "What Do You Mean" carries the same formula as his Jack U collaboration.

(Lyric Video Below)

"What Do You Mean" is another fresh track from Justin Bieber that fits the EDM criteria and contains pretty meaningful lyrics with an upbeat sound. So far the lyric video is all that's available as a visual.

Bieber isn't in it for the most part however, his friend Ryan Sheckler fills in.

The entire "What Do You Mean" lyric video seems to be highlighting skateboarding which from his Instagram account, you know Bieber is a big fan of and does for fun.

The video is filmed in black and white and it's high energy and engaging as Bieber comes in towards the end and lands a few tricks with Sheckler.

The track is easily going to be a radio hit for it's catchy chorus, deep lyrics and the fusion between Pop and EDM. It's a popular sound right now and the track only means more to come from Bieber who had a little help promoting the song from tons of celebrities ranging from Shaquille O'Neal to Ed Sheeran.

The "What Do YouMean" single is a available for download on iTunes incase you're one of the millions of Justin Bieber fans haven't downloaded it already.

Check out the lyric video for "What Do You Mean" below.