Army Vet Brings Man-Pack To 'Shark Tank'

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A young Army veteran has designed the perfect carrying case for men just don't call it a purse.

Aaron Tweedie came seeking $200,00 for 20% of his company Man-Pack. He said that a market exists because few options exist for men when it comes to bags. He calls his product "urban tactical."

"A prepared man is a better man," he said. "With you help, we can turn the man bag market into the Man-Pack market."

"You wowed me with the utility of them," Lori Grenier said.

Tweedie said he expects $145,000 in sales this year.

"It's not a murse," explained Tweedie.

Last month, Tweedie said he sold about 40. "I've been doing a lot with next to nothing," he said.

The Sharks immediately challenged his valuation and because of that Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban dropped out immediately.

Daymond John dropped out because he did not feel Tweedie would be a good partner.

Robert Herjavec also dropped out because he did not see a place for him in the business. That left Lori Grenier as the last Shark, but she passed as well.