"Don't Kill The Magic," MAGIC! : Our Review

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"Don't Kill The Magic" the new album by MAGIC! hits iTunes today and it is bound to be a hit.

It's 311 meets the Police, which is the only way I can describe MAGIC! After first hearing 'Rude,' the first single off of the album fans can expect a pretty fun album based around love, the silly things that go on in relationships and holding on to happiness.

After writing lyrics for some of the biggest names in the industry, Nasri Atweh has taken his masterful talents to a band of his own.

'Rude' just happens to be one of those songs that illustrate the nerves of a man who is going to ask for his girlfriends' hand in marriage from a disapproving father.

The playful lyrics and rock infused reggae beat fit perfect together.

In 'No Evil,' Nasri sings of waking up to a perfect stranger but in his mind he can only think about the girl that he truly loves.

He vows to "speak no evil, and see no darkness" in this declaration of love.

Nasri has admitted that he is a big fan of The Police and he along with his band have managed to channel that adoration into something that simply would not work for many.

'Let Your Hair Down' is a song that will put the picture of a perfect Caribbean vacation or honeymoon with the one you love. Pictures of a beach fall hand in hand with the emotional connection that the two lovers in the song are reaching.

The song is also infused with a great guitar breakdown and soft lyrics resonating after.

'Stupid Me' is all about men who fall in love very fast. It speaks about being taken for granted even after doing so many sweet things for a woman.

"If you don't love me the way I love you, and if you don't want me the way I want you, and if you don't need me the way I need you, then I just got one thing to say to you, stupid you!" Nasri blames himself for falling for the girl but says she is stupid for not excepting his love.

One of the many standout tracks is 'No Way No.' The lyrics point out the epitome of what it is to fight for your woman and always protect her.

It is a reassurance that a man will always be there to protect his woman.

The entire album has an album vibe that works very well. 'Paradise' is a surfing anthem from its overall sound, but ends up being another playful love song about the first time you lay eyes on that special someone.

'Don't Kill The Magic,' the second single that shares its name with the album title is a delicate song pulling slightly in away from the reggae-rock style and more towards a ballad.

The song is all about holding onto a relationship and begging for the other half to hang on and "don't kill the magic" just yet.

The band slows things down even more in the most delicate song on the album. 'One Woman One Man,' turns things around and gives the woman's point of view of being more in love than the man she is with than he is with her.

It is on of the more sad songs, as Nasri knows what the woman wants, but is still hesitant to provide her with the reassurance.

Things speed up again with 'Little Girl Big World' and the band shows us some more of that "Police" vibe that they possess. In a fast paced song the band lets loose and gives it their all.

'Mama Didn't Raise No Fool,' is a song about a bachelor whose lifestyle has finally caught up with him. As much as he wants to run from this girl he just can't.

Remembering the words his mother told him he decides to embrace the situation and give in.

The album concludes with 'How Do You Want To Be Remembered,' a song all about making the right decisions.

Nasri talks about the final judgment of a person and says that they should think about how they act in life and think about the steps you take in your journey.

Overall this is a very very solid debut album. Nasri Atweh, Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak and Alex Tanas have come together for a successful debut album.

Fans should enjoy the album and take it for what it is, feel good music in a time where its necessary.

"Don't Kill The Magic" is available for download on iTunes right now.