Hear Ed Sheeran Rap To Nicki Minaj and More On The Breakfast Club

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Ed Sheeran is one of The Breakfast Club's favorite guests and he returned to chat about his new album, latest award show performances and even did a little rapping for his fans.

The crew started by preparing Sheeran a shot as he told them about his iHeartRadio Award show performance and he did say that te American music award shows were a bit awkward because you're normally in a line.

That way, you don't really get to chat with other artists, however, the iHeartRadio Awards was different in that sense.

In terms of where he got the influence for some of the new tracks on Divide, Sheeran said that most music is inspired by island culture.

However, he spent some time in Ghana and collaborated with one of their major artists out there. For Divide, Sheeran said he wanted to create an album where every track sounded different and felt divided.

The singer-songwriter also talked about fighting temptation in life and reminding yourself that some of those temptations aren't exactly the right things to encourage or do. The chart-topper dropped a ton of gems during his interview, went shot-for-shot with The Breakfast Club crew and did a little rapping.

You can watch all of the incredible interview in the video below. Divide is now available for streaming and purchase across all platforms.

Hear Ed Sheeran Rap To Nicki Minaj and More On The Breakfast Club