Ras XiX Prepares for Debut Album Release

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Ras XiX is a brilliant and passionate artist from Los Angeles and Singapore who has just recently relocated to Austin, Texas to gain more listeners and fans of his progressive rock and acoustic music.

Ras XiX will be releasing his self-titled feull length album come early May, with plans to hit the ears of many different music genres listeners, ranging from those who enjoy rock, acoustic, world and even electronic music.

Ras XiX's music is different and eclectic - rock music with a mix of worldly sounds and electronic beats.

It is certainly something that is unique and out of this world, and definitely worth a listen. Ras XiX has travelled around the world in search to put more diversity into his music, which he has done extremely well.

After listening to some of the work Ras XiX has produced, some recommended songs for listeners are "New Religion", "Nora 5" and "Weightless You", which can all be heard on Ras XiX's Soundcloud below!

On May 1st, Ras XiX's self-titled album release will be available for all to hear.

For those who are fans of the soothing sounds of Jeff Buckley and Jack Johnson, look no further, for Ras XiX has something similar to deliver to your ears.

Even those who are fans of Taking Back Sunday, Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers are sure to take a liking to his musical work.

For more information, news and upcoming tour date announcements from Ras XiX, be sure to visit www.rasxix.com - the artist plans on promoting his debut album release with some upcoming performances, so stay tuned for more to come from this wordly talented musician and songwriter.