Travis Swinford and Drew Price Release Plains' "The New Love Crowd"

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Travis Swinford began to put out music for Plains in 2009, and recently released "The New Love Crowd" EP on IMPOSE. In his history, he has also released 3 Eps, 2 full-lengths and 'Stone Cloud' this past December - all alongside his artistic partner, Drew Price. Price, 23 from Birmingham, is a "wholehearted pop artist"

who has self produced since 2008. He has produced three full-length albums, and prefers to write and record alone, which his music certainly reflects.

His music represents "the post-internet era of personality conflict and identity crisis". His work is simply good pop music, and is enjoyed by eclectic music fans all around.

"Plains is an exploration of intuitive songwriting, following one motion to another," a recent press release describes the work of Swinford. "It's a sidewalk growing into a zoo.

The songs lie in soft melodies projected by raw sounds and wild words. The results aren't shocking, they're well understood."

Consequence of Sound described the work of Plains as "devoid of all but the most simplistic and submerged vocalizations, tosses quick streaks of bright synths across a desolate backdrop, drawing in curious listeners before collapsing abruptly inward.

This may not be pop as we know it, but Price has opened up whole new worlds to get lost in."

For a different and unique take on pop music, be sure to check out some of the new work from Plains, and be on the lookout for more releases from Swinford and Price in the new year.