G-Unit Releases 'Changes' Off 'The Beauty of Independence'

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G-Unit releases "Changes" off their upcoming joint effort titled, "The Beauty of Independence" and solidifies their resurgence.

The drop is a very hot song about how money and power changes people. They rap about all of the fake people they met in hip-hop and the real ones as well.

50 Cent is one who witnesses this first hand as just recently Floyd "Money" Mayweather called him out in an interview. The two were very good friends but are now waging a social media war.

The track is a quiet song, by no means does it scream fight me but it subtly gets the point across that in the music industry people do go through sudden changes.

When you feel like you have made it in the game with a chosen few things may happen and all of that can turn upside down before you even know it.

The single is available on iTunes, however fans can head over to HotNewHipHop.com to listen to "Changes."