DJ Khaled Teaches Class at Harvard Business School

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DJ Khaled has been doing a tour with Arianna Huffington to discuss their book The Keys, and today they visited Harvard (Harvard Business School, to be exact), where Khaled taught a class.

Khaled has been touring colleges recently, and today he helped teach Anita Elberse's class at HBS. He went there along with Get Schooled, an organization that is intended to inspire and motivate.

During his time at Harvard, Khaled took several pictures and snaps for Snapchat, and he spoke in depth about the premises discussed in his new book.

Among them: "Stay away from They", "Don't ever play yourself", "Secure the bag", "Respect the code", "Glorify your success", "Don't deny the heat", "Keep two rooms cooking at the same time", "Win, win, win no matter what."

The book's main premise, "Stay away from They," is about keeping the keys to your success away from the "enemy" -- people who want to stand in the path to your success.

He also calls them "haters." According to the book description:

You hear me saying "Stay away from 'they'" all the time, but who are "they"? I'll tell you: "They" are the enemy. "They" want to keep the keys hidden and block you from the pathway of more success, and "they" want to see you to fail. I've seen "they" out there and I've seen their evil. It makes "they" happy when you don't prosper and "they" laugh at your plans to make yourself better and get ahead. The person who wants to distract you from your studies or your career with their drama? That's a "they." That's a big "they." But here's a major key: As long as you stay away from "they," you will prosper.

Khaled was clearly very proud of being able to teach a class at Harvard today:

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In his post, Khaled said, "Giving out the [key]'s Khaled's Keys Class at Harvard Business School @harvardhbs !! THEY SAID THAT I WOULD NEVER GO TO HARVARD!! FAN LUV PLEASE DO ME A BIG BIG FAVOR!! TELL THEY I SAID HI!! #WETHEBEST @wethebestmusic !!"

Here is another picture:

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